This was a good day, any day in a helicopter is. Mark and Tylyn are one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever met, the whole week the weather was not looking good for a heli ride but it broke enough for us to get to an amazing location at Beverly Lake for them to say there vows and go for a quick scenic tour with their family. Here’s a few pieces of their Whistler heli wedding.

Whistler Heli Elopement, Whistler Wedding Photographer, Alanna Govenlock


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A 9th wedding anniversary and some family photos. I met the Ma Family at Green Lake for their first trip to Whistler and for their kids first time seeing snow…even though there was not a lot left on the ground we still had tons of fun running around in the spring sunshine.

Whistler Family Photography

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Tea ceremonies, the door game, multiple dresses, the colour red…I love Chinese weddings. Gaik and Matt had a traditional modern fusion wedding and it was tons of fun. From singing Backstreet Boys at Gaik’s front door to green tea with her 96 year old great grandmother to drinking brandy with every table at the reception, this day was an absolute honour to capture along side the very talented Edward Lai.



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